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2014-05-30 11:39 am

Very helpful in repairing my gearbox, especially as it didn't pick the best time to break down, so thank you!

Posted By: sally-braithwaite regarding Enduro Gearbox Repairs


2013-09-26 04:41 pm

Recently I needed the help of Enduro and they were nothing short of superb. My Mercedes was undriveable - with a worn out gearbox - but luckily I found Enduro to help solve this problem. They were professional and caring and they got my car a new gearbox in next to no time. With a speedy install my car was good to go quickly. I would highly reccommend.

Posted By: jade-sparks regarding Enduro Gearbox Repairs


2014-03-27 02:00 pm

The guys from Enduro replaced my gearbox last week. I was so happy with their fast and efficient service because I needed my car back quickly for work. There were no problems whatsoever and they were super friendly and professional at all times. I would recommend their services.

Posted By: jenny-taylor regarding Enduro Gearbox Repairs


2013-06-10 09:27 am

High quality workmanship, with expertise found seldom in the field of mag repairs.

Posted By: jozua-rossouw regarding Hi-Tech Mag Repairs